Lorraine is a Justice of the peace, she helped veterans, and now Lorraine is retired, still helping, living comfortably, able to go on holidays and really enjoy and uses the time she has.


I became a widow in my mid-fifties and after several years on the widows pension I decided I could do better working and so I went back to work.   I worked but did not do much saving and realised this couldn’t go on.<

Irena was recommended to me by a work colleague who had had Irena for many years as his Financial Advisor.  Although she was very much praised by my friend I still had reservations about seeing a financial advisor.  I had been told many things not too flattering about financial advisors and this coloured my view of them.   Needless to say I did not do anything about it because of my fears and intrepidations for several years.

Some three years after my friend suggested Irena (and when I reached my sixties) I realised that I would have to “bite the bullet” and do something about how I was going to fund my retirement.    I thought that I had nothing to lose by just talking to her and finding out what my options were on saving and preparing myself for my retirement and so I went to see her.  When I was a young girl and in the work force superannuation was not offered to women.

She advised me on the various options that were open to me and how I could structure my life and my living to gather some wealth that would help me in my retirement.  I didn’t want much:   my life in retirement was simple – to be able to maximise the pension, pay my bills and still be able to have a holiday each year and not have the  worry of where my next meal was coming from or how I was going to pay my bills.

Irena’s advice made sense to me and I asked her if she would manage my finances for me.   At times it wasn’t easy but I put in the hard work and sacrifices that needed to be done under her guidance and she has never let me down.

Irena is one of the most honest people I have ever met.  I have come to look on her as my mentor and my friend who has always put my well being (financially) first.  This lady is one of a kind and I am so glad I “bit the bullet” and took that step to talk to her all those years ago.  I worked until I was 72 and I am now retired and living my life just as I imagined I would.  I’m not rich by any means but I lead a very comfortable life and I am happy with my “lot”……………..Thank you Irena if I hadn’t met you when I did I would not be where I am today.