Because it is easy, you know what you have put in it, it is a good for you and it doesn’t cost much.

Research has linked hummus and its ingredients to a variety of health benefits including helping fight inflammation, improving blood sugar, better digestive health, lowers heart disease risk and weight loss. Sounds too good to be true.

AND it is naturally free of common food allergens and irritants such as gluten, nut and dairy, which means it can be enjoyed by most people.

I usually purchase the  chickpeas, bulf, they are organic and they can be used for many things as well as this hummus.

All I do is soak the peas overnight,  (just as many as you need),
I add salt to my water.
Then I cook the chickpeas until they are really soft., cool it. Strain it. And the put it in my blender, I add garlic, the real stuff, two cloves. a desert spoon of tahini, I add some olive oil and tabasco.

The beauty you can make it to whatever your taste dictates.