When Joe and his partner came to see me the only question they had was. Should I borrow money to pay the debt I owe and help set me up for the future?

Why is it that I work so hard and feel as though I am getting nowhere?

I found this a very concerning question BECAUSE; as a business owner it is important that you understand your position so that you can make decisions that will take you in the direction you want to go. From my experience with business owners. the intention is that the business is a tool to provide you, not only income BUT also provide you with assets you can use.

This did not happen, WHY?  When you allow someone else to make your decisions they may not have the same result in mind as you do.

To be able to look at your true position with different eyes will give you the opportunity to make any changes you feel will help. BUT you need to have the real facts and you need to understand how these facts apply to your business, then you need to understand what changes you need to make so you get the benefit of the work you do.

When you ask yourself different questions you can see that you have options and then you can make a plan to put yourself into the position you want.

Initial questions:-
When I first went into business why did I do it?
What did I expect?
Have my expectations changed?
Is my business is a tool so I can reach my goals?
Did I get so tired that I went into automatic?
Am I fighting with my partner because of this?
Do I beleive that I deserve better than this?

What can you do:-
Know your current position.
Do your cash flow.
Write down what You want to acheive.
Write down what you need to do
Acknowledge your challenges
Work out what you need to do to work through your challenges
Focus on your results
Measure your results
Pivot if you need to.
Get help BUT understand your position.