2019, My Financial Planning Journey; A journey of over 34 years.

It is always interesting to follow the journey, the people, the economy, the environment, the government, the world with all of its changes and just living and doing the nest best thing. All ‘stuff’ that had leds you design and redesign, and refocus, and think and change and learn and change and just keep going when at times you just dont know what to do: I pray.

So often, just when you say NO MORE, that a ray of sunlight comes streaming into your life with a liferaft attached.

Many of you have travelled this journey with me, most of the time you are not aware that the strength, that has come, not only from my family who, with all their own life issues put time aside to show me their love and help. It also comes from all my friends, some of whom are cleverly disguised as clients. When you feel that you are part of the lives of others, you do just one more thing, and just one more, and that gives you the life you are able to look back and be humbled by all the blessings that surround you.

So I wish to Thank you for your strength, your faith, your thoughts, actions and for being truly with me through this journey. I have huge plans for 2020 and I look forward to us, continuing this journey together,

Merry Christmas to you from your team at The Peninsula Taxation and Business Centre.