Irena Butler

Forever Forward! Change Happens.

When life is OK, and you can just coast along. That is just what we do. travel our journey without too much concern as to the direction we are putting ourselves on. Then sometimes it is the sands of time move in our direction, or it may be an event that makes us stop to think, it changes what we see and sometimes it even changes the way we see it. If we feel fear, it can stop us, if we feel desperation, that can also stop us too. This is usually the time we ask for help.

Working together and achieve better results: Facts are everywhere, How do you make them fit YOU?

We help you by guiding you through the maze of tax, money, business, investment, life so how you can understand systems and the procedures, so you can dictate the outcome you want. You need to be prepared to do what it takes. It is really important that you understand what is happening and why it is happening. Then you put yourself in a position where you can think about the situation and you can act with resolve. Ensuring that you have the same information is important because you do not want to be getting more or less than what you are entitled to.

Getting it right for you.

Wow! you live your life, sometimes things go well, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the more you learn the more you realise there is so much more to learn. I am so grateful that life lead me into this profession. It has expanded my thinking, my knowledge and just when you think that you are close to understanding, life pitches another curve ball, and learning begins again. One important thing that I have learned is; it is important to get your MONEY right. This is due to the fact that we actually exchange money for goods and services. If we do not have money as our servant then it is difficult to have the comforts we would like. So, STRATEGY, STRATEGY, STRATEGY, is so important. It helps you sleep at night because; you know what you are doing, why you are doing it and the results you can expect. Over thirty one years, I have been privileged to see so much. Recently I had a person come into my office. He had a direction that he wanted to pursue. Definite goals and outcomes he wanted, however he did not have all the tools he required to make an informed decision. After several discussions he made a choice and we implemented it with him. Then came a stumbling block, this was a different direction that he was comfortable with and although he understood why he was making this change SOMETHING inside made him question his decision so he decided not to go through with it. So we stopped the transaction and he went back to his comfort zone. Now it is important to understand, no action is right or wrong, your decision is generally better for you. You do not want to get sick because you have taken an action that you feel uncomfortable with. It is important that you do what is in your best interest. HOWEVER, he phoned me on a Sunday, told me he had gone through the information again and although the bank charged him almost $700 to withdraw from their recommendation, he decided that the course of action he decided on originally ticked all the boxes for him. This was a huge decision, he got the information, liked it, made a decision, acted on it, got scared, withdrew, regrouped, re looked at the decision and now is comfortable with his new course of action. Being scared is good. It makes you think, is what you are doing really in your best interest? Who knows. YOU DO. Understand money is your tool to make your life comfortable. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you understand the tools you use to make it work for you. Have a great day Irena