Whenever you make a change in your life FEAR comes right up to your face

Just in the ‘almost’ four months of this year we have had the pleasure of seeing clients achieve goals they set for themselves.

One wanted, several years ago, to get married, start a family and get himself a home. Last year he married the girl of his dreams, he used the funds he had worked to get, to have his home built. When you know what had to be done for his wants to become a reality, you have to admire his resolve.

Another client, spent years doing the best she could, living within the constrains that were hers. Kept her home and made it the best she could. She has wonderful children, in laws and grandchildren, all who have been able to reap the benefit of the determination and resolve that she has shown. She phoned me one day and siad that it was time for her to make a decision that would affect the rest of her life. Today she has moved into her new home, she has been able to give her children some money and has put herself into a better position both financially and emotionally. Interesting, the children, with the funds they will receive are all going on a holiday together, taking mum along. Creating memories is such a wonderful thing.

Another story, another change, this time new home owners. Whenever you make a change in your life FEAR comes right up to your face and tells you, you should not be doing this, look at all the things that can go wrong. Right, yes they can, however to each coin there is two sides, looking at what can go right, and looking at what can be done to minimise the down side.  Being aware of the risks you can look at them clearly and then make your choices. What am I prepared to do to get what I want, saying that means that you have to be really aware of what it is you want.

Another story hits me, this has taken several years to turn around. I want to include this one because the people were told that they needed to see me. ‘She is really hard nosed but she thinks differently’ is the recommendation they received. They had purchased a property in QLD, they were told all the great things that they could expect. Well as I said before, there is always two sides to every coin, this coin flipped and caused some issues. So we really had to think outside the square for this.  We started a business, they created money and made decisions on how they were going to make it work for them.

There are so many stories. so many turn arounds, but it takes guts. It takes honestly with your self and knowing that it is your life that is in your hands. And the big question is, when you go and see a person who may be able to help, do you want help or do you want some one to lean on? Are you really prepared to do what you need to do to make your changes to your life?

I have been blessed with so many people who have helped guide me through the maze of life. And each one guided me through the changes that I needed to  make. I have heard a saying “New Level New Devil” how true.

So being a financial planner has given me so may stories, so many people who have found their way through the maze of life and found their happiness and joy.

What a wonderful profession to be part of.