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How often have you heard: Tax? Relax!

Not often Iā€™m sure, however when you have your details correct, and you have followed the instructions of the taxation office, you have done all you can to be honest and compliant, then you have nothing to fear. Thinking outside the BOX, may be different, however we use the rules to get you the best return we can. So relax and enjoy the process.

Tax Returns

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Partnership
  • Company


We care enough about you to

  • Help you maintain the documents you need
  • Help you understand the system
  • Help you get the best return you can


Standard Tax return ā€“ $110 including GST

You receive a Tax Folder so that you can have all your tax details in one handy place, your returns can be put onto CD for you, which minimises space, clutter and paper.

Giving you access to you information when you want it without the hassle of keeping it yourself.

If you have

  • Shares
  • Property Investments
  • ETP statements
  • Small business or other specialized income


That changes the complexity of the return and the fee will reflect the additional complexity of the return.

What To Do

Make an appointment and the return is usually done on the spot. However if you are busy you can:

  • Email the data we complete the return , email it back to you so that you can sign it and get it back to us, or you can
  • Fax the data and we will do the return. However we need the tax return to be signed.
  • Modern technology has allowed for other options. ring us on (03) 9775 4888 and we can discuss them with you