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MONEY: Financial Management

Certified Financial PlannerUnderstanding MONEY: Money is a tool, only a tool. Michelangelo, used a chisel to make remarkable sculptures that we could all enjoy, How do you use your money so you can enjoy your life?


Does your money rule you?

There are two ways of making money:

  1.  people at work,
  2.  money at work.

As you work hard for your money, wouldn’t you want your money to work as hard?

Why wouldn’t you want to put your self in the best position you can?

“When I get some money I’ll come and see you” Really! The whole idea of  planning is just that… planning


Are you happy at the position you have put yourself in?

If you are, great, if not then it is time to think: How do you see your future? have you put yourself in a position so that:-

  • so that you can meet your commitments,
  • so that you can have that holiday,
  • so that you can pay for the children’s education,
  • so that you can purchase a home,
  • so that you can retire comfortably,
  • so that you do not live to regret.


“If you fail to plan –
You plan to fail”

How do we help?  By taking you from your level of Financial Knowledge to the level you need by making you aware of the the tools you need:

  • You assess your needs
  • You clarifying what you want,  then
  • You creating the stepping stones
  • You knowing your time frame
  • You take into consideration your cash flow
  • You understand your risk
  • You make the choices
  • You change your future

It is important to know the difference between Financial Planning and Investment Planning. True Financial Planning encompasses your whole situation.

  • Wealth Accumulation & Investment Planning
  • Retirement & Redundancy Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Superannuation: setting yourself up for your future
  • Taxation & Centre Link issues
  • Income & Asset protection
  • Home and Investment loans
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Understanding your Cash flow versus your Budget