Christmas Reflections

Life is so busy, it is easy not to take the time to reflect. Sometimes we live our life, day by day, without taking the time to see if we are really enjoying it, Are we fulfilling our own desires or are we being lead by what others believe we should:- be, do, act, have, want and become. OR, are you:-

  • comfortable with who you are?
  • are you at peace with your surroundings?
  • do you enjoy the struggles you are given?
  • do you see them as opportunities to overcome and grow?
  • do you see the improvements you have made throughout the year?
  • do you see the improvements you still want
  • do you enjoy your successes?
  • do you know that with your promotion comes a new ‘devil’
  • do you see your future as bright and sunny, even when all around you seems so different?
  • are you your best friend?

Or are you your worst enemy?

My take aways from 2016

  • You never know what life dishes out to you.
  • Enjoy every moment
  • Make every moment count
  • Take time to smile, it may be a gift someone needs
  • Take time to really listen
  • Hear what is said and what is not said.
  • Everything that comes is a gift
  • Forgive yourself, then you have the capacity to forgive others
  • Look at where you spend your time and your money and you will see what is important to you.
  • Make a “NOT TO DO LIST”
  • Do not take yourself to seriously.
  • Do a gratitude list.
  • Take time to laugh, to see the beauty around you and share you with others.

Have a great Christmas, it is about making time to enjoy yourself and enjoying all God have given us.

Thank you for being you, everyone else is taken so enjoy yourself.

Merry Christmas.